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Are Washing Machine Spare Parts Interchangable?

No, they are not. Not for Washing Machines or any other appliance type. It is not possible for us to know if we have spare parts readily available for your appliance when you simply say ‘ My washing machine is broken. How much will you charge to fix it ?” or “I have a cooker problem, can you fix it?

We simply can’t inform you of cost and availability of spares until you give us the information that is on your appliance.  We need the Appliance Type, Brand and Model Number.  An explanation of the problem you are having with the appliance will be very useful and will help us to give you good ,reliable advise.

How Inconvenient is it to Cancell a booking at The last munute?

We appreciate that at times there will be a genuine need to cancel at the last minute. on such occasions it’s highly unlikely to re-book and so, we take a hit. However, we consider those who book a callout then ‘completely’ forget the booking, to be inconsiderate. At such times we will be looking to cover our cost.



Are Your Work Guaranteed?

We are confident that the quality of this repair service is of the highest standard. Where spare parts are fitted, they will be guaranteed for a full 12 months. Who would want to settle for anything less?


You can benefit from a high quality, reliable repair service where fitted parts are guaranteed and affordable. Strictly repairs only, avoiding any conflict of interest.


Brand Names

Repairs are carried out to the A-Z of brands, subject to the availability of spares. It's important that you mention the brand name of your appliance in all communication.


Appliance Type

Repairs are carried out to all types of washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, combi microwaves, tumble dryers and refrigerators, It's important to mention the type  of your appliance in all communication.


Repair Discount

Deduct 20% off quoted repair charge if you are from the following areas: Bradley Stoke, Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Almondsbury, Winterbourne, Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Stoke Lodge, Harry Stoke and Hortham Village