No Fix, No Fee

From £120


£65 Or Less

Which Would You Rather Pay?

How Would You Feel?

No fix, No fee deals are often considered attractive to the person who have no idea what is wrong with their washing machine. To them £120 approximately, is a good price to pay if it will cover a worse case scenario repair cost. How would you feel though, if you were to discover that you paid £120 to recover a sock from the filter of your washing machine when it could have cost you around £65 or less?

This and similar examples are played out all over the country each and every day. Why? Because washing machine problems often appear worse than they actually are. Suddenly, the cost of a new one looms heavily on your mind and that £120 seems like an attractive deal.

At applianceGenius, we use experienced engineers, not simply polite call handlers, to take your calls. Our engineers will give you good advise and even tell you when no fix, no fee is a good offer!

No Fix, No Fee – How It works

No fix, no fee offers thrive on the fears of the unsuspecting customer, knowing that the majority of booked repair jobs will cost far less than the price charged. The charged price will vary according to the brand, type of appliance and your location. Occasionally, they may take a hit and repair your washing machine at a loss.

Alternatively, where the repair cost will greatly exceed the charged price, they may request further payment (check terms and conditions) or they may refuse to repair, allowing the “no fee” part of the offer to apply, less administration and call out charges.



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You can benefit from a high quality, reliable repair service where fitted parts are guaranteed and affordable. Strictly repairs only, avoiding any conflict of interest.


Brand Names

Repairs are carried out to the A-Z of brands, subject to the availability of spares. It's important that you mention the brand name of your appliance in all communication.


Appliance Type

Repairs are carried out to all types of washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, combi microwaves, tumble dryers and refrigerators, It's important to mention the type  of your appliance in all communication.


Repair Discount

Deduct 20% off quoted repair charge if you are from the following areas: Bradley Stoke, Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Almondsbury, Winterbourne, Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Stoke Lodge, Harry Stoke and Hortham Village