This is a washing machine repairs Charlton Hayes campaign. Offering a 20% reduction in repair charges for washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, ovens, tumble dryers, combi microwaves and refrigerators.

Local Company

The service include repairs to every brand of washing machines, dishwasher, cookers, tumble dryers, refrigerators and combi microwaves. All repairs are carried out on your premesis except for microwaves and are subject to the availability of spares if required.

Reduced Charges

If you live within the blue circle or require an appliance to be repaired within that radius, you will qualify for a 20% reduction in inspection/repair charges. Contact us or call for a quote, then deduct 20% off the inspection/repair element of that quote.

Far Quicker Service

Somehow there is more time in the day to get jobs done when you are working locally. Less traffic and shorter journey times results in increased house calls. All of which goes to improve your chances of getting your appliance looked at and repaired the same day.



Local Repair


Washing Machine Repairs Charlton Hayes

You would be right in thinking that we are targeting you directly. After all, you are within our local area and I want you to benefit from This high quality, experienced repair service that is affordable and local to you. ApplianceGenius is pleased to bring you big discount with its washing machine repairs Charlton Hayes campaign. You can get 20% off all washing machine repairs carried out within a 2 mile radius of Bradley Stoke in Bristol

This generous discount is a way of us showing our appreciation to you for the opportunity to work locally. Additional benefits are, as a local service provider, living and working in the community, response time to customer call out will be a lot quicker. Further more, you will find our repair charges are much cheaper than the cost of buying new. We understand how frustrating it can be for you when your washing machine stop mid cycle or fail to start altogether.

The aim of this washing machine repairs Charlton Hayes campaign is to stay local whereby, improve response time for customers. This will normally involve fixing your appliance on the day of the breakdown or call out. If spares have to be ordered, ApplianceGenius will source the necessary spares, if available we can have your appliance up and working within two or three days.

This is a special washing machine repairs Charlton Hayes campaign offer. Other offers are available to other areas such as : Bradley Stoke, Patchway, Almondsbury, Stoke Gifford, and Winterbourne. Although this discount offer specify Washing Machine Repairs Charlton Hayes, it also applies to faulty dishwashers, cookers, tumble dryers, microwaves and refrigerators.


You can benefit from a high quality, reliable repair service where fitted parts are guaranteed and affordable. Strictly repairs only, avoiding any conflict of interest.


Brand Names

Repairs are carried out to the A-Z of brands, subject to the availability of spares. It's important that you mention the brand name of your appliance in all communication.


Appliance Type

Repairs are carried out to all types of washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, combi microwaves, tumble dryers and refrigerators, It's important to mention the type  of your appliance in all communication.


Repair Discount

Deduct 20% off quoted repair charge if you are from the following areas: Bradley Stoke, Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Almondsbury, Winterbourne, Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Stoke Lodge, Harry Stoke and Hortham Village